Hiking Trails in Turkey You Must Go For

27 Apr by admin

Hiking Trails in Turkey You Must Go For

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Hiking is without a doubt a very relaxing activity, and as long as you choose the right place for that you will definitely enjoy your journey to the fullest. Turkey has many beautiful areas that you should see and also cross. We will show you in the following article some excellent hiking trails in Turkey you must go for.

Lycian Trail

This is one of the most popular hiking trails in Turkey. It stretches around 509 kilometers from the beautiful Antalya to Fethiye. The views from here are amazing and there are also a few great stops such as Patara Beach and the historic ruins of Olympos which you must definitely visit.

Kackar Mountains

For a more adventurous trip, you must choose the Kackar Mountains which are situated in Turkey’s beautiful Black Sea area. The natural alpine beauty is actually compared to Switzerland and there are visitors all over the world who come to spend their holiday here. During this hiking trail, you will walk past amazing wildflowers and sheepherders with their flock, as the whole area is quite picturesque. Challenge yourself to reach the very high peak at nearly 4000m.

Uludag Mountain

This is another wonderful hiking trail around mountains in beautiful Turkey. You can also go here for skiing, and in the warmer months the national park is absolutely excellent for hiking lovers. Take your time and explore the whole region which is full of meadows and glacial lakes. You should also have in mind to cross the best trail that leads from Sarialan to Cobankaya.


Another hiking paradise in this country is without a doubt Cappadocia. The landscape from here is definitely unique and there is also an abundance of historic sites that you must not miss. The best trails around here are in the Pigeon and Love Valleys, the Zemi Valleys, and the Red Valleys. During your journey, you will pass through rock churches, stunning rock formations, and Fairy Chimneys.

Via Egnatia

We are sure that you will absolutely love the Via Egnatia hiking trail, which has been in the past a road that connected the eastern and western parts of the Roman Empire. These days, anyone who is passionate about hiking can traverse the trail that starts in Durres and it ends in Istanbul. During this long journey, you will pass through Albania, Macedonia, Northern Greece, and finally arrive in Turkey. You can either choose to finish the whole route or you can go for the one that passes only through Turkey.

Taurus Mountains

This region is full of sheer rocks walls, massive canyons, and extremely deep yet amazing valleys. Furthermore, you will also be able to enjoy stunning alpine pastures and lakes. The most popular hiking trails around here are the Western Taurus and the Central Taurus where you can also see the lovely ancient city of Termessos and the beautiful Karagol Lake and the bridge in Adana. All in all, you will have an amazing time at the Taurus Mountains and you will most probably want to come back.

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