Best Activity Holidays in Turkey

7 Feb by admin

Best Activity Holidays in Turkey

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In Turkey, you can do lots of amazing things and you can definitely have a memorable vacation. If you are an active person who doesn’t like to chill not even when on holiday, then you will certainly find very useful this article as we are going to show you the best activity holidays in Turkey which you must try.

Go for the Lycian Way

If you love hiking then you must definitely walk the Lycian Way. This marked trail follows paved Ottoman tracks, beautiful forest roads, and rudimentary village paths. The whole journey gives a unique insight into traditional Turkish rural life. You should choose this route only if you love walking and if you are quite fit, otherwise it can be very exhausted for sedentary people. We guarantee that you will have an amazing time and you will see lovely places that will make your vacation an unforgettable one.

Try a Family Adventure Around Kas

Those who travel with the entire family to Turkey are most welcomed to go for an adventure around Kas. The children will absolutely love this activity and you as an adult as well. Kas is a pretty Greek village situated in a rocky area with amazing views. This adventure includes several activities such as sea-kayaking above the city of Kekova, shopping in the local market, and exploring the Saklikent Canyon. Don’t forget to take the camera with you as there will be some stunning views you need to capture.

Run the Istanbul Marathon

If you go to Istanbul this year on the 11th November and you like running then you must definitely participate in the annual marathon that is organized by the metropolitan municipality. This year it will actually be at its 30th anniversary and the whole event is announcing to be a truly amazing one. If you don’t want to participate you can just watch it, and in case you are alone in this metropolis, you can find an escort so that you can have a great time during the whole day: Istanbul is one of those cities worldwide where escorts can be found easily and as mentioned earlier some of them can be paid for company as well not only for personal satisfaction.

Cycle Along the South-West Coast

There are some very nice areas in Turkey where you can cycle and see some lovely landscapes, and one of them is the South-West Coast. This fascinating area and its hinterland are positioned between the river bank resort of Dalyan and the village of Kas, and the entire place is like a magnet for visitors. If you choose to explore the Turkish Backroads and Coastal Towns route by cycling, then you must know that there is not more and not less than 30 miles to go. As soon as you get to Patara beach you will need to drop your bike for a swim.

Climb the Mt Ararat Mountain

You can also do climbing in Turkey, and the perfect place for this activity is the mountain Ararat. This legendary volcanic mountain attracts lots of peak-baggers worldwide. There are several experienced guides that arrange the official climbing permit, organize the baggage transfers and also set up camps. The views from the summit are without a doubt superlative, and as soon as you will get there you will understand exactly why we are saying this.

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